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▓eijing exhibition rtes China's achievements▓, showcases futureBeijing exhibition celebrates Chi▓na's achievements, showcases future▓11-16-2017 11:38 BJTBy Colin Robinson, CCTV

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ents is being held at the Beijing Exhibit▓ion Center from  Sept. 26 till the end of November.The exhibition, which attracted large crowds, displayed ▓the nation's greatest successes of recent years in fields such as technology, healthcare, culture and the fight against corruption. There were many ca▓se studies of rural

areas that had become more prosperous and improved their infrastructure. The exhibition also presented examples of China's technological advancements, including the AG600 hydroplane, a self-driv▓ing car and AI robots. Among the main highlights were the BeiDou Navigation Satellite System (BDS)▓, a demonstration of a heal

th check system for rural residents and a 3D printing machine.▓BeiDou Navigation Satellite SystemThere were several interactive demonstrations of the capacity of BeiDou, one of the most advanced satellite networks in the world, at the exhibition. For examp▓le, there was a flight simulator and a driving simulator th▓at use

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